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Fall in love with our new 2016 Swivel Ski Handle product line and new Apparel too!


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Looking for that something special? Now offering indiviual and group costumes.


Responsive Swivel Equipment Design

Knotty Girl Swivel Handles provide a responsive and flexible design. Customize yours today to fit your style!  Exceptional Masterline components and superior craftsmanship, allows the option to meet every swivel skiers needs! Plus, this 3 part system allows you to change out your braid color to match your costume!

Round handle in many sizes and textures with a soft, easy cynch toe harness for the perfect fit!
Plus, ALL elements are made right here in the USA!

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Hydrofoil Equipment Striving to provide you quality products at the lowest prices possible. For over 30 years, Geno Yauchler has been riding various ski devices and has traveled the world because of this sport. He has the best products at the most reasonable prices, to ensure that you can have just as much fun as he has had over the years. Find our Knotty Girl Hydrofoil Handles, Braids and Rope at

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Geno Yauchler Hydrofoil Handle
knotty girl adaptive handles

Adaptive Water Ski Handles

Knotty Girl Designs also provides adaptive water ski handles.  All handles are made custom to work perfectly with any disability, from beginners to advanced skiers. Elements used are made right here in the USA.

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Extensive Costume Style Options

Costumes are part of the glitz and glamour of swivel skiing.

Shauna Pasanen has been dressing actors, dancers and mainly skiers for the last 20+ years. Located now the heart of Central Florida, she offers the best in swivel skiing couture, whether it be practice outfits, fully beaded competition costumes or team costumes, she  provides originality, fit, trend and attention to detail.

Shauna draws her inspiration from the dedication, ambition, focus and grace that each of these athletes possess, whether it be a young girl in her first competition or a professional skier such as Angela Yauchler travelling the world. She is well-known for her couture and custom design services for the high-level competitive skiers such as Rachael Zenk, Kelley Nemec and Alyssa Henry that have worn her original creations in many past National Swivel Skiing competitions.

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Alyssa Henry Knotty Girl Costume

What they say about our product

I have searched for the best handles and braids and could not find what I was looking for…..Until i found Knotty Girl! I will never sell any other custom handles other than these. Thank you Knotty Girl!

Geno Yauchler, One of the Best All Around Skiers in the World.

Knotty Girl handles are my very favorite! The braid and toeholds are the most comfortable I have ever used and the whole handle itself makes for easier more controllable swiveling.

Rachael Zenk, 2012 & 2015 National Swivel Champion

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